When Wetransfer approached us to create a film that would celebrate creativity, it was the start of a beautiful collaboration.
We closely worked with the Wetransfer team to select pioneers in the field of art, cinematography, photography, architecture, fashion, music, technology, sports, and visual fx.

Shot in over 15 destinations, you could say we really travelled the world to document the lives of these free spirits.
Making this film was as much a celebration of creativity as it was the topic of the film itself. The music was created especially for this piece and the voiceover was recorded by singer Tawia, both appearing in the video during their recordings.

After making this short film Wetransfer supported Eyeforce’s project called ‘Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins’, becoming the main partner for the feature film.

Client: Wetransfer
Agency: Eyeforce
Director and D.O.P: Arthur Neumeier