Full Film

The Armstrongs - a short film documenting a South African surfing family that lives a life not many would deem conventional. Ian (46), a provider, shaper, former Big Wave World Champion and above all else, a father, along with his wife Lee (45) and their 8 children and 1 grandson redefine ‘what is normal’ and challenge the perspective of modern family values. The Armstrongs share strong bonds with each other and the ocean; making a point of placing well being, unity, love and a genuine connection with nature above financial gain and status. This is their story.

A film by Eyeforce
In association with Stitch Post

Director - Arthur Neumeier
Editor - Jaco Läubscher
Producer - Mascha Spaans
Cinematographer - Arthur Neumeier
2nd Camera operators - Bjorn Baay & Mascha Spaans
Colorist - Nic Apostoli
Final Mix - Tim Pringle

Additional Dungeons footage - Neil Webster / Fixer Film

In the clouds - Be still the Earth
The Glory fields - Ben winwood
David and I - Giants and Pelgrims
Wild Strawberries - Eternal Tapestry
Mountain Primrose - Eternal Tapestry
Ancient Echoes - Eternal Tapestry
When stars align - Caleb Etheridge
Milchizedek - Giants and Pelgrims
Maidenhair Spleenwort - Eternal Tapestry

A special thanks to the whole Armstrong family:
Ian Armstrong, Lee Armstrong, Holly Armstrong, Max Armstrong, Ruth Armstrong, Asha Armstrong, Maya Armstrong, Rosa Armstrong, Amy Armstrong, Levi Armstrong and grandson Elijah Armstrong