SAMSUNG - Eyeforce



Samsung has carved out a reputation for being one of the most experimental tech giants, and now its innovative wares are spreading to Olympians.

The Korean giant has created Samsung SmartSuit, a piece of smart clothing that's able to provide Olympic short track speed skaters with insights into their training. Each SmartSuit has five sensors that deliver a real-time look at the athlete's body position back to the coach's smartphone. This will give the team new insights about their training and will help them to win the Olympic Gold in PyeongChang.

Riders: Sjinkie Knegt & Suzanne Schulting

Agency: Cheil
Creatives: Norman Groenewegen & Pepijn Spanjerberg

Director: Bob van de Gronde
D.O.P: Noel Schoolderman
2nd Camera: Arthur Neumeier
Focus Puller: Julia Cereijo
Producer: Aemilia van Lent
Editing: Johannes de Jong
Music: Marcus Gehring
Grading: Charlie Feld