Mishima - Eyeforce


A chair of timeless design, inspired by ancient Japanese artistry, made possible by modern technology.
“I felt like I had to do some research into the city of Mishima. One thing that immediately caught my attention was the amount of water I saw: shallow streams and rivers seemed to cross everywhere through Mishima. It didn’t surprise me when later I read that Mishima calls itself “the city of water”. Throughout the city there are many routes over the water, built with square stepping stones made of natural materials.” - Jerom Fischer (director)

Director: Jerom Fischer
D.O.P.: Thomas Fibbe
Project manager: Michelle Krevetzky
Head of Production: Cathalijn van Hattem
Producer: Jill Sanrodji
Assistant Producer: Thom de Koning
Focus pull/1st AC: Tein Brouwer
Gaffer: Christian van Marle
Best boy : Geert de Veer
Electrician : Wholly Paulo
Grip: Bjorn Schumacher
Hair & Make up: Evalotte Oosterop
Styling : Suzanne Eldering
Art Director: Tessa Beijer
Art assistant: Georgios Rietveld
Runner 1: Noah van der Heide
Runner 2: Bruno Koldeweij
Casting Director: Roos Drupsteen
Catering: Anna Wagenaar
Cast: Jonathan K.
Edit: Jerom Fischer & Aron van Blooijs
Grader: Bram Baas
Sound: Studio Smink - Sebastiaan Smink