FINK - Eyeforce


Less Alone

Fink has been one of our favorite bands for years. It’s music served as a soundtrack for many of our overseas adventures. When we got the chance to shoot a documentary about Fin, the lead singer of the band, we teamed up with our buddies at Tommy N Lance photography to create an intimate portrait.

Less Alone takes viewers into the mind of Fin Greenall, writer, composer and frontman of the band Fink. In a psychological journey through dark places and musical inspiration, Fin finds himself struggling to balance his thoughts. Surrounded by judgement, appreciation, and with little mental space, Fin digs in deep to find the meaning of it all.

Client: None
Agency: None
Directors: Bob van de Gronde & Brahm van der Hoeven
Cinematography: Arthur Neumeier, Stefan Jansen, Dylan Haigh.