De Warmste Week - Campaign Launch 2021 - Eyeforce

De Warmste Week - Campaign Launch 2021

Campaign Launch 2021

De Warmste Week is a campaign to motivate young people to set up initiatives around inclusion. All donations go to directly to these initiatives. Because being able to be who you are is important.

Client: VRT - De Warmste Week
Creatie: Jonas Marysse & Ruben Van Maldeghem
Production: Hamlet
Executive Producer: Ruben Goots Jason Felstead Pim Verhaert
Producer: Robin Paul
Ass Producer: Kaat Debeys
casting: Oimundo Casting
1AD: Miki Bedeleem
DOP: Edouard Legrelle
1st AC: Didier Frateur
2nd AC: Sofie Van Bos
Steadicam: Sander Blok
Gaffer: Edouard Chandelle
Electro: Nathan Larbouillat
Art director: Dries Vanoirbeek
Sound: Thomas Dockx
Styling: Johanna Godts
Make up: Siska Bouwen
Location scout: Githa Hermans
Location management: Romain Bertouille
Post producer: Dominique Ruys
Editor: Maarten Janssens
Killer soundtrack: Tsar B
Mix and sound design: Raygun
Online: Pandemie
Grade: Kene Illegems