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Don Montague in Amsterdam

On a device that looks more like a flying carpet than a surfboard, Don Montague shows us that the future of of surfing goes beyond playing at the coastlines. His 'Jetfoiler' hovers above the water and is driven by an electric motor.

‘’Jetfoiling is very easy, everybody is able to do it. With a remote control in your hand, you control the speed of your Jetfoiling board. If you have enough speed, you just lean backwards and the board will rise out of the water’’ tells the inventor living in San Francisco.

Don Montague is an all-time windsurf legend and for years he worked on big technological developments in wind- and kitesurfing. He is also the founding father of the kiteboat, a catamaran that flies over the water and moves with the huge kite it's connected to. With his kiteboat he plans to set a new world record time, sailing from Los Angeles to Hawaii at the end of this year.

Recently he sold his company, named Makani, to Google X. Makani (Hawaiian for 'wind') produces green energy high in the sky with their 'kiteloops’.