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Alpaca Loca - Summer of '21

Summer of '21

A summer campaign in response to the lockdown in 2021: Although these strange times have been limiting, this summer is an opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and appreciate the beauty of our direct environments. Spending summer holidays abroad quickly shifted into enjoying the sun with friends and family in a simpler and more resourceful way: either in your garden, at a park, or a lake house somewhere closer to home.

Client: Alpaca Loca
Concept and Art
Direction: Iman Whitfield, Studio Whitfield
Photography: Lobke Leijser
Director: Iman Whitfield
D.O.P.: Anna van der Velde
Edit: Iman Whitfield
Grading: Het kleurlokaal
Sound design: Charley van Veldhoven
Styling: Florian van Zuilen, Alpaca Loca
Make-up and Hair: Bobbie Sophie Johnson
Models: Nina Oud, Zoƫ Diouf

Special thanks to: Max Gramser: Max Makes Beats, Oxfordhouse Amsterdam