BEN LALANDE - Eyeforce



Hyper-focused and hungry, Ben Lalande is a firecracker force to be reckoned with. From the cold quarters of Quebec City, Ben started his career by shooting any and all action sports that his hometown had to offer. Quickly outgrowing home, he ventured to the sunnier state of California to diversify his experience and further hone his craft.

With sound skills in both editing and cinematography, Ben has a full-package perspective on the process – from concept to capturing, to the final cut – every aspect of the project is infused with his flair.

Whilst he may come off as playful and chilled, his ambitions are anything but. With a keen focus on pushing the envelope, from remote locations, action sports, to exploring cultural boundaries – watch this space for all he has planned for the future.

In the meantime, his clients include Red Bull, Oakley, Snapchat, Can-Am, Air Canada, Disney, Chipotle, Roxy, WSL, and Arc’teryx, illustrating his diverse talent for bringing a story to life. With five Vimeo Staff Picks to his name, his reputation for excellence just gets stronger with each project.